Thursday, June 7, 2012

new tracks aplenty!

finally managed to get stefanie into the music room to record her parts for this song. it turned out very interesting indeed. since she couldn't harmonize with what i was doing i had her try an experiment- she sang her own vocal melody without hearing mine and then i listened to them together to see if they matched up and they did in a surprising way- it's a bit difficult to figure out who's who. i was trying to rip off mazzy star when i wrote this song, but it really got away from me. now all i need to do is get us a show so we can play it live...

this is the ultra slowed-down version of 'stars are washing over you.' finally got stefanie to sing her harmony part for this- we've been playing it live since last summer. this will be the closing track on 'chinese blue' whenever the hell it ends up coming out.

another track that'll end up on 'chinese blue'- this is the second version of this song. the first is from somewhere around spring of 2007 and sounds very stripped and bare. on this version i wanted to really layer the crap out of it- i think it has four or five guitars, a keyboard, fuzz bass and two drums. if you want to know what the title means i'd look up the term in neil young's biography (which i was reading at the time that i wrote this).

and finally this is the closing track on the '14.2.12' single (which is actually an EP now- four songs that i hope to relase as a 12" at some point). whenever i can cobble together the money to get the 'field of flowers' tracks mastered i was going to fill the CD with the four songs from the '14.2.12' EP and do a free digital release until i'm able to get it pressed to vinyl.

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