Sunday, July 8, 2012

diary 7.7.12- notes from the heatwave

song- artist- album

1. goodbye bread- ty segall- 'goodbye bread'
2. i am- radar eyes- s/t
3. sugar- my bloody valentine- 'eps 1988-1991'
4. little girl- spiritualized- 'sweet heart sweet light'
5. new fast- disappears- 'guider'
6. i am not a game- ty segall & white fence- 'hair'
7. dreamboat- the walkmen- 'heaven'
8. hold on me- mikal cronin- s/t
9. lord i don't even know my name- spectrum- 'soul kiss (glide divine)'
10. king of the decade- white fence- 'family perfume vol. 2'
11. that's the way- led zeppelin- 'iii'
12. logn- sigur ros- 'valtari' b-side
13. 6 o'clock- the verve- 'no come down'
14. life of his own- sharon van etten- 'leonard' 7"
15. dear betty baby- lower dens- 'batman' 7"
16. on the sea- beach house- 'bloom'
17. white moon- the white stripes- 'under great white northern lights'
18. my lagan love- kate bush- 'cloudbusting' 12"

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