Wednesday, May 16, 2012

diary- 5.17.12- 'following blind'

here's to slight improvement- this year i am slightly underemployed, but making actual strides towards a career goal for the first time in my life. last year i had just been fired from the job that i'd held the longest in my life. seriously not trying to sound bitter- there have been positive changes and progress. it's been a rough year, though, make no mistake. i kind of feel like i've started the process of rebuilding everything that had fallen apart over the last few years and having to do that is not such a bad thing at all.

song- artist- album

1. chico- lee hazlewood- 'lhi years: singles, nudes and backsides (1968-71)'
2. drown in my own tears- the righteous brothers- 'go ahead and cry'
3. reservoir #3- real estate- 'out of tune' 7"
4. i'd rather be lonely- the black angels- 'watch out boy' 7"
5. heading for the top now- spiritualized- chicago metro 2012 bootleg
6. the clouds are lies- the brian jonestown massacre- 'aufheben'
7. era- disappears- brooklyn glasslands 2012 bootleg
8. bear bee- radar eyes- 's/t'
9. microcastle- sic alps- 'long way around to a shortcut'
10. breathe again- white fence- 'family perfume vol. 1'
11. propagation- lower dens- 'nootropics'
12. equal mind- beach house- 'lazuli' 7"
13. gospel song- black rebel motorcycle club- 'howl'
14. amen- bardo pond- peel session 2001
15. dsharpg- sharon van etten- 'epic'

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