Thursday, August 12, 2010

garage days revisited

every so often i fall in love with noisy, trashy, gloriously sloppy and passionate garage rock all over again. this is the result of listening to so much ty segall and thee oh sees at the moment. this began in portland way back in 2003 or so- for whatever reason that's the year that i finally got into the stooges. why did it take so long? who fucking knows... i'd always loved 'funhouse' back when my college roommates used to play it for me.
right now what's really doing it for me is 'warm slime' by thee oh sees- which is officially my favourite of the more rocking oh sees albums. i played 'help' after listening to 'warm slime' the other day at work and found that 'help' sounded terribly tame by comparison and during all of the many amazing noisy freakouts contained within 'warm slime' it was very revelatory- sounded fucking amazing. i don't know what it is with me and noisy stuff, but to me it's something incredibly beautiful and revelatory. transformative. good stuff.
so right now i'm listening to 'everything goes wrong' by the vivian girls- a record i bought last year and neglected quite unfairly. someone put it on at work the other day off of my ipod and i was saddened by the fact that i hadn't listened to it more. it seemed to be a grave injustice. it was a largely ignored record when it came out. people were very underwhelmed by it. i think it's the fact that the songs aren't as immediately memorable and hooky as the songs from the first record. what's more they were still releasing that never-ending stream of 7"es that were as instantly memorable as the songs from the self-titled record. it also has this slightly more polished soundwise, yet more unhinged aesthetically kind of thing going on, which is a touch confusing (at least to me and i'd imagine to most other folks).
today is the first of a two-day weekend for me. my schedule has returned to its normal state. the bad news is that tuesdays still blow and now i no longer have a shared off with stefanie and the good news is that i'm making more in tip money AND getting two days off in a row. there are also a ton of great shows coming up. a ton, dangit! thee oh sees is one of them. ty segall is on tuesday. i am wondering if i should just go to the free instore with stefanie or to that and the empty bottle show. i suppose this would be something i should just feel out once the time comes.
we're rolling into finishing up all of the necessary practice for the show at cole's. speaking of which i should probably finish a flier for that today and post it and whatnot. it's two weeks from sunday. yipes. i hope it goes alright. i'm mainly concerned about how it will be soundwise- need to go over their stage plot again and plan accordingly. i should also probably get going. i've been here for quite a while. the greenpeace clipboard people are multiplying on the streets, i have things to do today and, most importantly, if i am gone for more than two hours i lose my 25 cent transfer option.

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