Friday, August 20, 2010

so it goes

trying to get productive again. got bored of the internet here at wormhole, so i started loading some animated pics into imovie to try to get going on the 'falling stars' video, which is supposed to be animated. it ended up motivating me to go through all of the rest of that stuff- there is a TON! more than i'd expected- i have enough footage to finish a '4am train' video- just need about a minute or so of footage of stefanie to round it out. nice surprise. i spent all summer taking still photographs of flowers progressively blooming and i'd previously thought that it was kind of bullshit, but as it turns out i think that it was a good project to do and i have some other stuff to build on for a 'whisper' video. 'under the flood' i was going to do at the zoo and possibly the bean in millenium park. nice. the only concept i have for a 'narcoleptic' video would require someone outside the band to film it- i thought it would be a good idea to do a rip off of the nina nastasia 'cry, cry baby' video- but out in our backyard. i was going to do this thing with all of us in the backyard anyway, but then i thought it might be good to do a sort of combination video/live recording. the version we'd record would probably end up being better than the one on the record and it would allow us to test out the whole recording live to 2-track concept i've wanted to try for a long time.
i ordered a second yamaha spx 90 because my current one was acting up, so i bought another one for cheaper than i bought the first one. now, naturally, my current one has calmed down. ironically this would make it possible to do more live recordings as it would allow us to add reverb to the vocals by having a second spx90. i even pondered recording the new christmas song live to 2-track, but i think that we might have to go with the old live recording format. i should be able to include brandon in the proceedings, however, and i think it'll work out quite nicely. with distortion and whatnot it would be a bit difficult to record it live with the strings- they'd have to be in a seperate room and we don't have enough sets of headphones to get that accomplished properly.
slept until one o'clock today. not good as i have to be up at 6am tomorrow. shit.
had an extremely strange day yesterday- felt about every emotion i'm capable of feeling in the course of a day. mondo extremes- mostly caused by running into a friend at work who really knocked me down off of my cloud by very rudely snapping at me and it ended up overtaking pretty much my entire day. i had trouble sleeping because of it. i dunno- it's kind of a recurring thing with this person- i always feel like they're my friend but then it seems that she gets sick of me and then just finds me annoying and ends up talking down to me, being dismissive and occasionally just outright ignoring me until i go away. i guess that's not really a friend, then. one of my newest projects in life is not to be too taken-in by extremely outgoing, likable people. it seems to me that they are so used to having people be nice to them and like them that it's practically nothing to just brush them off when they're done with them. maybe not a big deal to extremely outgoing people, but for me i try to pick my friends very carefully, which is why i have so few. when i consider you my friend and you fuck it up repeatedly it usually puts you on my shitlist and while it's difficult enough to get me to come out of my shell and be your friend it's much more difficult to get off of the shitlist once you're on it- your third visit is usually your last and you're no longer considered a friend. mostly what gets you on the shitlist is if you treat me in a way that you don't want to be treated, or if you play up the 'i'm so sensitive' angle but then repeatedly toss off insensitive rudeness my way despite the fact that i'm also a very sensitive person. i guess those two kind of tie in together. i'm a 'treat others how you want to be treated' person. you don't want to piss someone off like that. end of rant. also, this person is moving in a little under a week and a half, so i suppose this is their way of severing ties. message received. have a nice life- thanks for getting me to think you were a cool person only to grind that image into complete oblivion at the last second.

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