Saturday, July 31, 2010

spiritualized- radio city music hall 7.30.10

watched the stream of the 'ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space' show in new york last night. i couldn't swing $400 to get myself there, into a hotel and back. on thursday a very nice woman who comes in to where i work informed me that the show was going to be streamed through never would've thought to check if she hadn't said anything as i had pretty much put it out of my mind that this show was even happening. i watched it and recorded the audio from it last night and it has made a perfect bootleg in my mind. in my opinion this live stream blows the 'live at the albert hall' official live record clear out of the water and into dust. talk about intense. i've never cried while watching a streaming concert on my computer, but i did last night. at least five times. sublime and amazing. i'd rate it as the best show i'd ever seen if i'd actually been there in person. it almost felt like i was there watching it online- a very intimately filmed video of what was a huge event. beautiful. so, anyway, i'll shut up and post the link to the mp3s of it. flacs will follow if they're requested. this is the full show, btw and it sounds great.

1. ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
2. come together
3. i think i'm in love
4. all of my thoughts
5. stay with me
6. electricity
7. home of the brave/the individual
8. broken heart
9. no god only religion
10. cool waves
11. cop shoot cop...
12. encore break
13. out of sight
14. oh happy day

the stream is being rebroadcast on friday at the following link-
and, of course, for you-
192 kpbs mp3s

flacs, pt. 1-
pt. 2-
pt. 3-


Minky said...

Thanks for this. I was there, very magical. I've seen them many times since '92 and this was just amazing! FLAC would be very appreciated. This is exactly what it sounded like from where I was in the 1st Mezzanine. Cheers.

shalloboi said...

i just finished uploading the flacs this morning. happy to share.