Thursday, July 22, 2010

diary 7.7.10- 'summer is too long'

played this at work today- it is highly effective in getting others into my mindset and how i have been feeling over the course of the last month or two. bummed that all of my other playlists are gone, except for a select few that i managed to publish here. perhaps i can recreate them soon.

1. super-sonic- the brian jonestown massacre- give it back!
2. set it on fire- moon duo- catch as catch can 7"
3. velocity girl- primal scream- random b-side
4. trouble- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- through the devil softly
5. at her open door- dead meadow- feathers
6. let it die- the dutchess & the duke- sunset/sunrise
7. this familiar way- nina nastasia- outlaster
8. blues- mazzy star- live bootleg- loppen, denmark
9. i wanted everything- kurt vile- square shells
10. luna sea- vetiver- vetiver
11. cheree- suicide- suicide
12. you baby (can't stand the rain)- dean & britta- l'avventura
13. a brief history of love- the big pink- a brief history of love
14. when the sun hits- slowdive- souvlaki
15. real love- beach house- teen dream
16. roads- portishead- roseland new york
17. devil got my woman- skip james- complete recordings (1931)

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