Thursday, November 12, 2009

there's nothing like feeling crappy on your day off

welcome to the adult world. this is kind of like the calvin and hobbes series that they did on calvin being sick during summer vacation. good stuff! i have a pretty bad cough (i've had so many bad coughs over the last three years that i've completely lost count). the pain from yesterday seems to be over- i coughed myself hoarse and had a really painful sore throat all day which developed into a throbbing headache by the end of the day and the feeling that i was going to pop a blood vessel in my head if i kept coughing. i don't know if all of the crap i've been taking has been working and i should keep taking it or if i should just let it run its course at this point. i have to go to dominick's later on anyway to get cat litter. i also have to do the dishes today- the sink is overflowing with them. i meant to do them on monday night but something interfered.
i don't have anything else to report really- i have no plans for the day at all. perhaps some more recording would be in order? i dunno... i should probably try to be somewhat active and that would be a good distraction- i've found if i have something to distract me it keeps me from coughing too much which i've noticed makes me feel better as well. the most irritating thing about all of it is that i feel completely fine in every other way- no aches and pains, no chills, no fever. i just felt completely bone-dry yesterday.
so right now i'm listening to 'loveless' and i'm at the coffee shop. i'm in a bit of a sectioned off corner in the back that i like and figure would be good for not making people uncomfortable/irritated with my coughing. i've been working on a 'best tracks of 2009' playlist for the end of the year list that i'm always doing- so far it's pretty great stuff. i always do a list of my five favourite records of the year- not very much so i thought it'd be good to do a full-on playlist so that i have a bit more to talk about. not that anyone's reading... or are they?

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