Thursday, November 5, 2009

'goodbye applesauce' mix 10.28.09

i made this mix for a co-worker of mine who's going on a long road trip. i made it from all vinyl-sourced music that i have and included a few tracks that are fairly tricky to find. her nickname was applesauce because her first name was emily and we had another emily that worked there at the time and her last name was appenzeller and i might be wrong but i think i was the first one to start calling her applesauce and it ended up sticking for some reason... as usual i've packed the spacemen 3-related stuff on here through the different band name loopholes (my favourite thing to do on any mix i make).

song- artist- album
1. surf city (revisited)- the black angels- 'directions to see a ghost' 3lp
2. love is a wave- crystal stilts- 'love is a wave' 7"
3. o katrina- the black lips- 'good bad not evil'
4. pretty suzanne- the monks- 'black monk time'
5. don't you just know it- the sonics- 'boom'
6. my little red book- love- s/t
7. little red rooster- the rolling stones- 'the rolling stones, now!'
8. nevertheless- the brian jonestown massacre- 'bravery, repitition and noise'
9. he hit me- grizzly bear- 'friend'
10. oh baby- spiritualized®- 'amazing grace'
11. you're the one- sonic boom- 'spectrum'
12. blind spot- vivian girls- 'i can't stay' 7"
13. medication #4- the gris-gris- 'for the season'
14. the killer- thee oh sees- 'sucks blood'
15. hear my call, here- holly golightly- 'christmas tree on fire' 7"
16. tightly- neko case- 'blacklisted'
17. dreamless days- the warlocks- 'heavy deavy skull lover'
18. to here knows when- my bloody valentine- 'tremolo'
19. nightsong- sian alice group- 'nightsong' 7"
20. lord can you hear me- spacemen 3- 'playing with fire'

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