Friday, November 13, 2009

'of longitude and latitude...'

i'm not moving to a table with a wall-outlet in the hopes that that means i won't be sticking around here at the coffee shop as long as i normally would. listening to the last of a playlist on my ipod that has all of the my bloody valentine stuff from 'you made me realise' onward- there are only about eight songs total that aren't from vinyl sources (those are all unreleased tracks too that either aren't available on vinyl or cd or are but for a small fortune). right now i'm listening to the gorgeous instrumental '2.'
i'm still quite coughy today. it's kind of hard to tell if my condition is improving. i slept through most of the night- i think i got up at 6am maybe and then i woke up when stefanie woke up but then fell back asleep until almost 10am. other than this cough i'm feeling pretty damn good though, i have to say. my throat doesn't hurt and the headaches are dying down- i can go for fairly long periods of time without coughing and it seems like if i wanted to i could go out today and feel fairly normal.
today is the day, however, that i will NOT go anywhere! i have a song to work on today and hopefully that means that i will actually stay home and get to work on it.
i bought 'thee hounds of foggy notion' by thee oh sees yesterday- came home, put it on immediately, ripped the audio into the computer (i have one of those usb record player things) and then watched the dvd right afterwards. i'm listening to it again right now. beautiful stuff- i completely fucking love it. after all of that i went in search of more of their stuff only to find that it's still available, but only on cd. instead of moping about it i put all of it onto my wishlist. i don't know what's up with me right now, but as it goes this particular record is EXACTLY how i feel. nothing quite matches that feeling. ironic that a band from san francisco can make such a fitting soundtrack to fall and winter in the midwest.
the zine pages for 'all hope is blind' are almost finished- i have all of the large prints (they all look really nice btw) and just need to finish copying the lyric write-outs for the rest of them. stefanie is going to do some pages as well. one of her pages is going to be a knitting pattern- which i originally thought was something i didn't want to include, but now i think it's a totally sweet idea. i guess it's coming down to the wire and we need to get our act together. i should probably start trying to get some more 1/4" tape to prep up a production master for the record duplication.

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