Friday, May 22, 2009

diary 5.17.09- the tint of doom...

here is my 30th birthday playlist. i tried to make one of those embeddable playlists on mixpod, but they were missing too many tracks- i guess i am an obscurist. go me.

1. plainsong- the cure- disintegration
2. help me please- sonic boom- spectrum
3. fools- the dodos- visiter
4. springtime can kill you- jolie holland- springtime can kill you
5. life is a problem- spiritualized®- 2008.10.16- london, uk- the roundhouse
6. im not- panda bear- person pitch
7. pretty good love- holly golightly- god don't like it
8. blush- the raveonettes- lust, lust, lust
9. graveyard orbit- crystal stilts- alight of nights
10. second date- vivian girls- surf's up 7"
11. amazing electronic talking cave- the brian jonestown massacre- just like kicking jesus
12. half day closing- portishead- roseland new york
13. keep your dreams- primal scream- xtrmntr
14. there is a formula to your despair- the warlocks- the mirror explodes
15. cut dead- jesus and mary chain- psychocandy
16. ...and dream of sheep- kate bush- hounds of love
17. trying my best to love you- jenny lewis- acid tongue
18. favorite- neko case- the tigers have spoken
19. lord can you hear me?- spacemen 3- playing with fire

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