Thursday, May 21, 2009

berfday LOOT!

yeah, i scored on my birthday- just let me say that!

haven't listened to this yet- but i don't anticipate having someone have to twist my arm.

i've listened to this about four times and i've even converted it already and i just put it on my ipod. i'm going to say that this is my favourite gift- and it was a surprise.

i almost bought this for myself at laurie's about a week ago- also a surprise. antony singing 'candy says'- what else could you ask for?

completely forgot i asked for this- love it. probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite flaming lips album.

again, complete surprise- really love it. highly recommended.

i haven't listened to side 2 of this yet- but it's all of the cover versions of grizzly bear songs. i liked the grizzly bear songs side quite a bit- especially the awesome phil spector cover.

i haven't listened to this yet but i have a neil halstead live recording that i did when he came to town back in november and it has a lot of these songs on it.

and of course, this as well. two seasons to go for us. i love season three of this- it has the krazy-eyes killah one. 'delicious- get this man a tissue!'

so, i had a fantastic birthday haul. claire gave me a gift card which i'm going to use to buy some expensive beer at whole foods (probably unibrouie) and nick made me a sweet-looking mix (that i sadly also haven't listened to yet) and my sister and my parents all gave me money- once added together it was enough to buy a refurbished macbook. all told- best. birthday. ever. i'm also pretty sure that this will be one of the last ones where i am able to get cds- at least from anyone besides friends or stefanie. bon chance!

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