Monday, March 23, 2009


...yikes... i am so done for the week and i still have two more days of work to go and only day off before the insanity kicks into overdrive. i didn't really realise this before i accepted but now that i am working on friday the 27th i am signing up to start a 6-day workweek on only five hours of sleep which was already going to be strained by the fact my saturday night sleeping in night (i don't have to be at work until 9:30am on sundays) was already going to be sacrificed. we're seeing the brian jonestown massacre on saturday night in addition to spending some time with my folks who will be in town as well. i'd totally forgotten we were going and that it was so soon until a day or so ago. bjm shows tend to run very very very late. the first time we saw them was on a week night and i don't think that the show ended until almost 2am. i had to drag my worthless carcass to work the next day at 7am on only three hours of sleep. even though i don't have to be up until 8:30am on that sunday morning the chances that we're home before 2am are really really really slim. there is only one opening band, but still- bjm shows can run the gamut from 2 hours and 15 minutes all the way to three and a half hours (i think that the second time we saw them was at least three hours- real hard to remember).
anyway, today was kind of bumpy- i am definitely heading towards a wall at break-neck speed. i anticipate hitting it full stop in a week and a half when i am headed back to kc for a recording trip. fortunately i will have a few days to completely crash when i'm at my parents' place. i've found that, if nothing else, trips to kc provide me with ample and complete crash-time. i can stretch out over the longer visits and get back to my natural sleeping-until-noon self. that person is still in there somewhere- it just takes a lot to get it to come out.
so the primal scream show- i was a bit cavalier about it at the beginning. i wasn't even that impressed during 'kill all hippies' (and i do love 'xtrmntr' too) so i figured 'eh, this show isn't going to be very good.' fortunately i was proven wrong. they ran quite the gamut of their stuff (which itself runs a ridiculous gamut all the way from 60's psych to electronic rave music as well something that could be described as disco and then too many dazzling cross-pollenations to even begin to list). they played a few of their really early songs confirming in me the desire to check out their earliest stuff. i only have 'velocity girl' as an mp3- but it's a really amazing song that's under 2 minutes long. i just have the two big albums- 'screamadelica' and 'xtrmntr.' they did play a few things i wasn't entirely expecting to hear that were quite phenomenal- namely 'higher than the sun' (which doesn't sound like it could be done live), 'movin' on up' and pretty much any of the 'xtrmntr' tracks that they did- 'kill all hippies,' 'swastika eyes,' 'shoot speed/kill light,' 'accelerator' and one other one i can't remember the title of- the one where he keeps chanting 'civil disobedience.' they also played 'rocks' and i believe one called 'suicide bomb' (which was fucking fantastic). i'd heard they'd been doing 'damaged' and they didn't play it and i was a bit bummed about that one. i also wasn't impressed at all by any of the tracks from their new album- just way too fluffy and light poppy. they can do better. that's kind of their constant curse with pretty much anything they don't pull off. bobby gillespie was completely zoned out (or incredibly bored- i'm not sure which). the band was really good too except i can't help wishing i'd been able to see them when kevin shields was tagging along. plus throb was gone, who was the other longtime guitarist. the girl standing in front of me danced a ton and kept running into me but it wasn't as annoying as that usually is. they had an amazing light show including a green multi-lazer one that would spurt out weird patterns and the lazers would emit smoke of some kind- quite hypnotic. i got really zoned out at one point during a song i wasn't familiar with (but very impressed by) that was super trippy and the girl caught me in my zoned-out state. she said something to me that i didn't understand but i'd imagine it was something along the lines of 'enjoying yourself?' it was a good night. i'm glad i went. i'm a bit bummed that so many free tickets were offered to me- especially since i'd payed $27.50 for one way back in january. if the same doesn't happen for the bjm show then that would be nice- although i'd probably taken the offers and just bring a bunch of friends along.
we have our first full practice with all of the string players tomorrow night at our apartment. i'm hoping i get a good night's sleep tonight so that i am not completely worthless as i need to be real with-it considering i'm the one with the grand artistic vision for this thing. i am really hoping jay and diana don't get delayed (which means they probably will be). if i can be home and in bed by 10:30 i think i'll be just fine. 11:30 is okay too. anything beyond that is going to be a real problem and i will be a total basket-case tomorrow.
until then i'm stuck here for the night until they get back. stefanie has a full night of clients, so the burden falls to me. i have sheet music to write, so i kind of welcome the loafing time. speaking of which i think i might end this entry and get to some of that loafing time. good night and good luck.

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