Friday, March 13, 2009

again. production. yikes.

i am a string scoring machine- the internet connection here at the coffee shop was out when i first got here so i scored a song called 'whisper.' i haven't tested the arrangement at all, but it should work just jim-dandy. we'll find out won't we? stefanie and i are supposed to record the main tracks for it today once she gets home from acupuncture. hopefully this will turn out better than the last recording session we had- it didn't go so smooth. there were tantrums and such. she was having problems playing along to the guide guitar. the idea now is to do the tracks live. i had thought that it wasn't possible to do the aforementioned tracks live, but in retrospect it could've been done very easily (oopsies). she's been a busy lady lately, so it's been hard to set aside time to get some recording done. we really only have a few nights a week to do much work. we need to fit in some vocals at some point. don't know how or when that is ever going to happen because we are now totally booked up clear until the end of the month- stefanie's friend meghan and her boyfriend reggie are coming to town tomorrow night and they're staying for st. patrick's day at which point we are over at jay and diana's from the 18th to the 23rd (i'm going to see primal scream play on the 22nd), by then my work week will have already started up- we're going to see eleni mandell on the 26th and then the brian jonestown massacre on the 28th (at which point another work-week will have started up for me) at which point my parents will be in town for my mom's birthday weekend. after that weekend i am headed back to kansas city to record with billy and return on the 5th. somewhere in there i need to meet with my string players to begin practice for the impending show at elastic arts foundation. i'd hoped that billy would be able to make it up here for the show because i thought it would help a great deal to have someone playing who was more familiar with the songs, but really that's kind of a moot point because katelyn has played most of the songs in the set and i believe so has chris. somehow we need to set aside some time while we are housesitting to practice. this is kind of funny- i hadn't really thought i was that busy up until this particular point in time. i guess that i am insanely busy. so we'll see how that shit goes. ooooh boy... how did i get so busy so quickly?
so basically my schedule is completely full to the brim until mid-april. at that point i'm going to have to get back to work on more recording. i was going to try to get some recording in during these practices namely two tracks that i am hoping we can get down tonight. i might have to draft another person in as well for some recording to make up for some parts that are lagging behind a bit- namely a part on 'ashes ashes' that needs to be redone and a part of 'pale' that we never got to with chris. i had been a bit reticent to bring someone else to record parts in his place, but i don't think he'd mind. string players are awesome. that's all i'll say right now- i wish i'd always been able to work with them- eager to play, learn very quickly, can be tricked easily into playing something insanely quickly in one take and it nearly always works. plus you just put the music in front of them and they play it with next to no explanation and with no back-talk. awesome!
so today i don't have much to do apart from do some planning to try and figure out how to engineer all of this crap. i'm kind of glad i bought a daily planner now- it's actually going to help now- we're usually not busy enough to justify owning one of those.
and so it goes. now that i've thought of all of this stuff it seems like a bit of a waste of time hanging out here typing this so i think i'm going to end this transmission.

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