Friday, March 20, 2009

playing catch-up

i used the extra money in my account to buy a few records i've been after for a spell. i bought the first two raveonettes albums. they are always available used for super cheap and i've been on a raveonettes kick lately- don't really know what that's about. i know that people go on about how much they sound like the jesus and mary chain- and it is true that the mary chain are obviously a big influence but it's also true that anyone who's taking 60's and 50's style rock 'n roll and putting it through a blender of squealing feedback and harsh distortion is going to be compared to them. i just think of it as an indication of just how ridiculously influential, original and ahead of their time the mary chain actually were. they are still criminally overlooked and underrated. i love it when people accuse them of having made the same album 10 times. i also love it when people hate on the later albums or the b-sides. i avoided the raveonettes for a long time because of what people were saying and finally got 'lust lust lust' and i'm really glad i did- it's enough of its own thing to justify their existence. i love their harmonies and i think that they are more committed to updating older music and making it their own- plus i love the way that their albums sound.
the other record i bought was the crystal stilts 'alight of night' on vinyl. woohoo! love the self-titled ep and need more. they used to have it at reckless in lakeview but i waited too long to buy and someone else beat me to the punch. i was going to buy some more records, but i think that i'll hold off for a bit as i'll have more extra money soon enough. my payment schedules have gotten ahead of themselves again over time and i have an extra paycheck coming my way next month (this is how i plan to buy the new condenser mics for the strings show).
so i'm feeling pretty good today- i got home from driving stefanie to work and crashed for about two hours and slept really hard (had some really intense, wacked-out dreams). i feel pretty good finally- not as tired. i get to sleep at our apartment tonight as well- which i'm really looking forward to. we do this so that stefanie doesn't have to get up at 6am on one of her only days off (of course she still has to get up then to feed the cats- but she hasn't been having much trouble falling back asleep once they wake her up) and drive me to work. now during the week she drives me to the purple line station so i can catch the express train to belmont. it gets me to work in the same amount of time as when i leave from here.
for some reason every time i first get here the internet never works for me. i always end up writing out some sheet music and then having less time to mess around on the internets. i guess it's a good thing for my reading public because then i have less time to kill. speaking of which i need to go and run some errands before i drop by stefanie's work early.

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