Monday, December 29, 2008

the top five of the year

at last. i finally picked my five favourite records released this year. it wasn't difficult- i just had to pick the ones i've been listening to the most. they are nearly all records that aren't getting that much love from big publications- but man these five are all unbelievable keepers.

1. spiritualized- songs in a & e (this might be my favourite spiritualized record- it's the second most played full-length record on my ipod)
2. sian alice group- 59.59 (this band and album are criminally overlooked)
3. the walkmen- you & me (this is my favourite walkmen album- hands down- the kind of record i'd always hoped they might make some day- beautiful)
4. the black angels- directions to see a ghost (i bought this on two formats)
5. portishead- third (this would be the only exception to that whole criminally overlooked thing as it's on everyone i've seen's list)

i also love deerhunter- 'microcastle' and jolie holland- 'the living and the dead.' i just had to limit it to five- thems the rules.

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