Thursday, December 11, 2008

diary 12.10.08

forgot to post this tracklist from a new playlist i just made-

1. underneath the stars- the cure- 4:13 dream
2. i'm only sleeping- the beatles- revolver
3. sailor- the brian jonestown massacre- bravery, repitition and noise
4. only shallow- my bloody valentine- 9.27.08 chicago, il- the aragon
5. i put a spell on you- screamin' jay hawkins
6. you're the one- sonic boom- spectrum
7. twilight at carbon lake- deerhunter- microcastle
8. no name #3- elliott smith- roman candle
9. love henry- jolie holland- the living and the dead
10. where is the love- mojave 3- ask me tomorrow
11. river man- nick drake- five leaves left
12. bird of cuzco- nina nastasia- on leaving
13. expelled from love- the raveonettes- lust, lust, lust
14. cliche- sebadoh- bubble and scrape
15. days of grace ii- sian alice group- the dusk line
16. shine a light- spiritualized®- 7.20.08 chicago, il- union park (pitchfork fest)
17. and let me drift away...- the telescopes- altered perception
18. overthrown- tom mcrae- like blood
19. blind spot- the vivian girls- i can't stay 7"
20. red moon- the walkmen- you & me
21. thursday's radiation- the warlocks- surgery

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