Friday, December 19, 2008

let it come down

it's snowing and snowing and snowing outside. it's fantastic.
i stayed up really late last night, but still woke up really early. i was here at the coffee shop before 10am. there's no one here either- all of the students have gone home for christmas. there's nothing i love more than our neighborhood when the students are gone on one of their many breaks. it's like night and day. the neighborhood becomes sleepy and quiet. beautiful.
we watched 'white christmas' last night. despite the fact that i'd seen it before i'd forgotten when all of the musical numbers were coming up. some of them pop up with absolutey no warning. i really hate that. it's one of the many things i hate about musicals. anyone who knows me has heard me wax about this for extended periods of time so i'll spare you. it's pretty much the normal reasons people dislike musicals.
today i am listening to all nick drake. i'm listening to 'bryter layter' right now which i haven't heard in years i'm realising. i never really thought much of it to be honest- i always preferred the other two- but now that i'm listening to it i am loving it and can't believe that i have cast it aside for so long. nick drake's biography is my current bathroom reading material (i keep books in there that i've already read). bathroom lit is very fascinating to me. i usually keep books in there that i've already read. it's fascinating to me how quickly i can finish a book. i don't necessarily spend extended amounts of time in there- but the regularity with which one visits the bathroom is ideal for reading books quickly. even if you only read a few pages it adds up quickly.
this might be the best blog entry i've ever done so far. ever.
i got back on the writing horse last night. it made me desperate to record again- but no! i shall stick to my recording exile. it will probably be longer than a week since i shall be home in a week. the last time i visited billy suggested that we could finish some of the stuff we didn't get to during my last visit over christmas, but i was adamant that since there was going to be an acoustic show that would be all i would burden myself or anyone else with.
i have a twitter account. i hadn't thought much of it but it has become a bit addictive. i kind of enjoy it. i'm even following two people i don't know for some reason (it just added them when i joined and i don't know how to take them off of the list) but i still read their little updates and enjoy them. it doesn't let you write long-winded updates- which is perfect for people like me- it keeps things short and to the point.
for some reason the holidays seem to coming up extremely quickly this year. it happened while i wasn't even noticing. it hasn't really hit me at all yet. it probably isn't going to hit me until christmas morning since we're getting in on christmas eve fairly late. i kind of hate that it has to be that way, but money's money and a deal's a deal.
i'm beginning to get depressed about the whole languishing in obscurity thing. i'm going to try and be strong though and not let it take hold of me. it's important to keep perspective and i'm getting better at it and i am more content with our position in the world. just the fact that the west coast tour worked out as well as it did was pretty encouraging. that is probably the first proper tour we've ever been on. plus the shows were good- the only clunker being that one in minneapolis.
i'm not looking forward to this week too much. either choice seems a bit unappetizing- either painfully slow or painfully busy and stressful. i guess i could use painfully busy and stressful at the moment. it would certainly mean i'd have more money for when we visit. i'm sort of hoping that we make some money for fun stuff when we play the show. i'm not holding my breath- but at least they will feed us. plus last time they paid us very well and the crowd was really not that big. ad astra draws a big crowd too, so hopefully that means we will be paid pretty well. the violinist seems enthusiastic about getting a bunch of people out to the show. then there will be friends and family who will most likely show up. it's nice that we're playing so early so if people aren't in the mood for the hawd koah then they can leave.
as always fingers are crossed. if we can just weather this slow period then we'll be okay. i'm sure that that's what everyone is thinking and telling themselves. over and over again. it's still going to be a fun holiday. i don't even really care what i get. i'm mostly hoping that i will get a decent income tax return (even if it is a vain and foolish hope) in january.

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