Friday, August 15, 2008

the wintertime looms

i know that summer isn't over yet, but winter is kind of looming already. don't get me wrong- i love winter. it's just going to be something kind of difficult to get through for me. the wheels are now in motion for me to go back to chase after i get back from tour. it is also pretty much a necessity at this point. it's either that or selling drugs. since i get caught for everything wrong that i do i figure i should go with chase. there's a reason why my parents never really worried about me doing anything wrong in high school because the half-handful of things i tried to get away with that most kids do i got caught for every single one- snuck out to lunch one day- got caught the second i crossed the street. snuck out of my house late at night to t.p. someone's house- got caught down the street from my parents' house. smoked cigarettes for a week- a friend's mom saw me and called my mom and i got caught. after that i figured i wasn't getting away with anything so i didn't really bother to try.
the empty bottle show now has four bands. holy shit! so now i'm not very worried about it. my new stresses are getting the t-shirts ready. xl's and l's are out of stock at the t-shirt wholesaler, so we're not even going to have any for the empty bottle show. right now i'm just hoping they make it here before we leave for tour. otherwise that will really suck. i ordered about 20 of each colour- black and light navy. they are out of l's in the light navy. i have all of the inks. i also have both designs finished. one of the designs has two options, but they're both done. i'm just going to make film for both of them and then ask stefanie's opinion. i have one that i am partial to. i spent about an hour of so doing tons of false starts and finally i ended up with two that were decent. one was really small though- probably not great for a t-shirt. another problem that hadn't occurred to me- they are a bit similar. i might have to make a third option. doh! it's okay though- i have enough transparencies to cover it. i wonder when i'm going to get around to getting that done today. possibly right after i'm done here. i have a long list of shit i need to record too. and then we have to practise for the radio set tomorrow night. i'm not real sure if we need to play for the full hour or not.
yeah. i guess that's how shit is right now. it's very odd to be so busy with band stuff at the moment. it's going to be really strange when it's over. i even emailed elastic about playing the strings show there. i am going to email chris again- although i'm not holding out much hope on that front. i haven't heard from him in ages. i'll try and lure him with a copy of the cd. i really hope he is game for playing some more stuff with us- i really love the stuff he did. listening to it now i'm very happy with what he did on the recordings.
the students are returning. bummer. it's been so nice and quiet all summer. i'm going to miss it. they've been trickling back slowly so far, but next week is the week that all of the swarms descend upon our quiet little neighborhood. clueless parents from the suburbs bitching about how there's nowhere to park. all the questions- the dumb, annoying questions. all of the driveway blocking. heaven help the poor people who pay $110 a month for a parking spot in that garage- i'm surprised they don't carry baseball bats in their cars so they can knock people's windows out who are blocking them in or out. no one seems to understand that if you park all the way on the right side against the wall that people can still get in and out and they don't care if you do it. stefanie had to tell the new manager to do it a while ago. the new manager. the first manager was the one who told us way back when we moved in a few years ago.
next week is the third anniversary of us moving here. august 20th three years ago we arrived at our old apartment. oh, the woes. it's nice to know how much better things are going for us nowadays.

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