Friday, August 29, 2008

all i wish is gone away...

yup, i'm back on the cure folks. listened to joy division this morning as well- 'unknown pleasures' because of the movie (of course). while i was hanging out in our apartment i watched more of 'show' as well. i watched the first 45 minutes right after we got our new tv just to see it on the big screen- it was very nice. the first 45 minutes of it is the best in my opinion- basically that's the set from 'open' to 'trust.' i do really love 'show' very much and for the love of heaven it confounds me and annoys me that it continues to not be released on dvd. of all of the cure live videos that exist the fact that it continues to go without a dvd reissue will always be beyond my comprehension. as far as live documents of them at their peak there is not an alternative to match it. 'in orange' is good too- but 'show' is the closest thing to them near 'disintegration' as there is in existence. plus i really love 'wish' (i'm listening to it right now, hence the quote) and i have come to think of it as a signpost in their career as nearly everything they've put out since 'wish' hasn't quite compared except for 'bloodflowers.' plus it's the last live record with boris williams who will go down in history as the cure's best drummer. period. i'll still watch the damned thing on vhs, but come on- they need to reissue it. '1991- the year punk broke' needs to be reissued on dvd as well for fuck's sake. i lost my vhs copy of it. it's in a golden box along with the old vhs copy of 'show' that i got for my 16th birthday and watched every day over the summer of 1995. there are all kinds of other goodies in that box- and it got lost during the move from kansas city to portland. the cdr with the original 'petals' pictures is in it as well. we had to use a really crappy printout that i had made in portland. our old printer put lines across coloured pictures like that and that's why it looks like that. the original photo was a crappy jpg.
yeah. not much to report today. we're going to hot doug's for lunch today. i had to clean out my little savings raft, but yesterday i discovered that stefanie has a savings raft as well, which i didn't expect. i basically did the finances up and made preparations intending to foot the bill entirely myself. occasionally she contributes monetarily. the last trip to new york we split 50/50 which was nice. this will be nice as well. so basically, i think that we will be prepared once it's time to leave. hopefully we will make enough money at the empty bottle show to pay for the igo car. if that happens then in my mind the show will be a raging success. we got a nice write-up in the onion that i am very happy with. i'd like to give the person that wrote it a gold star because they deserve one. the time out listing was classic lazy journalism- they even got the name of the record wrong. we even sent them a copy of it. somehow they thought it was called 'endless december.' i guess that the 'recordings' part of that sentence isn't important. i also guess that the 'shalloboi- down to sleep' on the spine wasn't enough to clue them in. it seems to have worked for everyone who's accepted it to sell on consignment.
i also have to pick up seth from lorna's after lunch because- get this- the new cleaning lady is afraid of dogs. so here's some more twisted beth logic- bring my intimidating and kind of cranky out of it great dane that likes to bark at everyone and sometimes bully them for no reason, including yours truly, but then when you get a new cleaning woman ask stefanie to remove a dog that is so mild-mannered it could pass for a cat out of the building for the cleaning woman who's afraid of dogs. what the fuck?! i mean, honestly- where is the logic in that? i guess my mistake was not going directly to my boss and saying 'could you please leave that dog at home- i'm afraid of dogs.' i'd been told that most of the time her response to that is 'oh, he's harmless.' i just don't get it i guess...
so now the rest of my afternoon will not be spent relaxing at home- i have to drive the dog back up to evanston and then get right back in the car to pick up stefanie. thanks cleaning lady who's afraid of a cat dog. i'm afraid of dogs and i have never once found seth even the slightest bit remotely threatening. i've heard him bark three times i think and never at a person. this is incredibly ridiculous and annoying to me as you can tell.
no word from the eaf people. just waiting on the okay for the strings show. the date i asked for is october 18th. if that doesn't work then i'm going to ask for the second weekend in november. i might look into some other spaces. i'm a bit reticent to ask at someplace that i've never been as i know that eaf has a decent enough p.a. system to pull off such an endeavor. i really hope it works out because i really can't think of anyplace else that would be suitable and i want the show to sound good. it is incredibly crucial and a half-assed p.a. is not going to do the trick. so here we come awesome strings show. the reader didn't make a blurb about the empty bottle show, so i'm looking at that as a kind of bonus, so hopefully i can get a decent listing about this strings show in there. that would be very nice. what will be even nicer is that we probably won't play another show unless we get some sxsw action of some kind in march- so we'd probably just play an acoustic show in kansas city and then not worry about anything until march if we're actually going down there and just play a warm-up show at someplace like ronny's or something like that.

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