Tuesday, August 5, 2008


even though i'd gotten the day off today i would've had it off no matter what. the basement flooded again at the shop, so much so that they went ahead and closed today. i figured the basement would flood with all of the rain last night. i figured it would be how it always floods- enough to pick up with a shop vac. yipes. supposedly it's supposed to do all of that crazy storming again tonight. i'm wondering if i'm going to get another day off. truthfully two days off at this point would be tantamount to a pretty nasty financial hit at a time when i don't really need it. i can still pay stefanie the rest of the money that i owe her, but i would like to pay the normal payments to my credits cards for this month since next month i'm going to have to do the minimum payments only in order to still pay rent and whatnot. that's why it's important that i pay stefanie back asap- so that then i have the newly freed up money from not having to buy a monthly cta pass. in october i'm going to start it up again at some point in anticipation of winter time when i'm going to have to ride the train every day again.
today i feel a bit better. almost refreshed. i slept for about 11 hours last night. i had some strange dreams. i was drafted by jason pierce to play in spiritualized. so in my dream i got shipped back to london. a beautiful thing. it was about a week before i even met jason. it was sort of a whirlwind of suddenly being summoned. when he'd talk to me i'd be somewhat nervous and over-eager. when the time came to get everyone together and play it was in a kind of beautiful, surreal setting- it was on a rooftop and we all set up in a really wide circle. i was right next to the drummer- who i believe was actually the drummer for the dirty three- jim white. in the dream i even obsessed over which guitar would be better to use for it. i was never shown the songs- they just started playing them and i played along- sort of affected chords because i figured that was what they wanted me for for some reason, plus no one else was doing it. one of the songs was one i'd never heard before and had to figure out as i went along. while we were playing i looked across the way and saw neil young playing with a revamped crazy horse or something and poncho was dancing all crazy up towards neil's microphone and i saw neil quit playing and smash his hand into poncho's face to push him away and get him to stop and it made me laugh. for some reason after the song my sister was there- i think she was playing keyboards or something right next to me and she got upset and was like 'is there any way to make it so that we can't hear those people across the way?' and i was totally baffled because i couldn't hear it at all. then, finally, jason started talking to me- he wanted me to put a chip inside my amp that would block out any interference from across the way- he was very insistent and i didn't understand what he wanted me to do and i asked 'do you want me to just play louder?' and he says 'no, i just want you to put this chip inside your amp- it looks like this- that's all.' and he showed it to me and gave me a key ring. ironically he lived next door to laura mcrae and i was supposed to use the keys he gave me to get into her house and get the three pieces of the chip. he gave me a keyring that was on this massive orange. all in all a really nice dream- you get to be in spiritualized and walk around in london for free. sweet.
i guess that that'll be it for today. titillating as always.

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