Friday, May 2, 2008

there ain't nothing you can give me that i need to own

we need a chicago show folks! i'm not talking about these laid-back restrained affairs either, i'm talking about a place where we can turn it up and make some ears bleed. i feel like i'm going to explode right now. it's quite annoying. we are getting met with deafening indifference whenever i email anyone about playing anywhere. i hope that we can get some shit set up with one of the bands we're playing with tonight- they sound really good on myspace. i'm pretty keyed up at the moment. i don't really know or understand why. i'm anxious to get the tour booked because the sooner it's booked the sooner we know we're going for sure.
last night we both drank our sixth glass bottles. that shit fucks you up- i don't know if you've ever had one, dear reader, but i highly recommend them. it's a drunkenness that i've never really felt from anything else- kind of like how you feel when you drink a bunch of brass monkeys but less nauseous and even more mellow. it's a happy mellow glowing drunk. i almost wish that we could drink those before we play. not a full one, mind you. it's such a drag that someone has to drive home afterwards. this is the sixth glass brewed by boulevard in kansas city. it comes in a champagne-sized bottle and my dad bought me one when i went home once back in october and i drank the whole thing before i even noticed it was having an effect- it just creeps up on you because the beer is so smooth and tasty.
i haven't done much today- i did get stuck out in the downpour today. my jeans, shoes and socks are all still wet. i'm not going to change them. why bother? it's probably just going to rain more today. i found it real difficult to get a decent amount of sleep last night after drinking that sixth glass stuff. i went in to tuck stefanie in and evidently fell asleep within seconds because i woke up at 1:30am and had to get up and find things to do for a few hours before going back to sleep. then i woke up at 9:30 and just got up and got moving. it's taken me all day to get to the coffee shop (which is where i am now). i wanted to go to reckless to see if they had a few 7"es i'm looking for (the new nina nastasia one and the new spiritualized single) but i don't think i'll have time to now as i have to pick up the car at 4pm and then pack it up so we can get our asses down to fort wayne. so that's about the size of it. i hope the show goes well. we are armed with a new tear-the-place-to-pieces set ender. it's called 'sloba.' i'm so excited to play it for the first time.
anyway, i guess i should get moving then, or at least end this entry.
oh yeah, btw- the new mastered version of the 'down to sleep' album is up on our website. the links in the entry down below will work as well as they were overwritten when i uploaded everything. otherwise-
click here
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