Wednesday, May 28, 2008

born on a black day...

i am now facing a bit of a moral quandary- i have not bought 'songs in a&e' on regular cd as i was hoping that i could get the import version of it that comes in a book, possibly with a bonus dvd. i post on the board frequently and currently have heard no report of the existence of a bonus dvd. i have figured out that since i didn't pre-order a copy on double green vinyl that i will never be able to get one for a reasonable price as those have already sold out. that was available only through rough trade's webpage or at the instore that happened in their store (which is in london, of course) and i wasn't even aware that it could be ordered through their website. there are rumors floating around that more copies of the green vinyl will be made available through the official spiritualized website, but so far that doesn't seem to be happening. i've heard that the deluxe version of the cd (which costs about $40 to buy on import here in the u.s.) isn't really worth the extra money apart from the fact that it isn't a standard jewel case and there are pages and pages of pictures of needles. i'd like to buy the regular black vinyl and have found where to do so fairly easily- which would be nice since i already have a digital copy of it and spiritualized vinyl is almost always guaranteed to be worth something someday- i also bit on the 'amazing grace' vinyl version that was spread out over three 12 inches (and i still bought it on cd when it came out). i think i'd most like to have the green vinyl one simply because i love coloured vinyl, love to listen to music on vinyl, already have the album on mp3, but might have already missed the boat so i'm not sure if i should just buy the regular vinyl version and chance the coloured one turning up later. i guess that i'm just going to wait and see what happens (if anything). items on the spiritualized site tend to cost an arm and a leg as their pricing is always in pounds sterling and often even a bit spendy if you were living in the u.k. and earning money in pounds sterling (i.e. all of the t-shirts are £20 for instance- which is about $40 for a t-shirt). i don't know- i am beginning to think that this is why special editions and whatnot are introduced in the first place- just to get people to spend more money buying the same record on multiple formats which has nothing to do with the process of listening to music. i'm beginning to think i should just buy the domestic cd for $12 and then buy the vinyl later if i feel like it. i heard a rumor that it was coming out on vinyl on june 7th or something like that. i'm sure they'll have it at permanent and i'll be notified the second it comes in. i've also heard that the regular cd has incredibly beautiful artwork and is well worth the price, plus i'd finally own the actual cd. *le sigh*. i already love the shit out of the record- i guess that's the important thing. bottom line i probably should've waited.
not much else to report really- my digital piano is listed on craigslist for about $800. no one has emailed about it at all, but it has only been listed for a day.
i bought two cds in the last 48 hours- the raveonettes- 'lust, lust, lust' and spectrum- 'forever alien.' my review so far- i think the spectrum album is kind of ridiculous. it was at least used and cheap. i need to stick with sonic boom's guitar-based stuff because i love that stuff- 'highs lows and heavenly blows' and 'soul kiss (glide divine)' are beautiful as is 'spectrum' and that compilation, but his synth stuff i am not very enamored with- it just sounds horribly dated and cheesy. plus there are vocorders, which i'm not a fan of. i guess you could call it a personal prejudice. i dunno.
the raveonettes record is a lot better- i really love that. i listened to the whole thing today during my commute. i kind of understand why they're compared to the jesus and mary chain, but that said i don't really think that whenever i listen to them so much. mainly i think they just get compared to them because they have noisy guitars over 60's pop song structures. strangely i think that brmc sound(ed) more like jamc despite the fact that they used the noisy guitars less.
i think that's about all i have to say of worth right now.

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