Thursday, May 15, 2008

swervie luv

i'm really into swervedriver right now ever since i found 'mezcal head' at permanent records. it was basically a brand new copy and it was only $9 or something. it is so awesome and the tracks from 'juggernaut rides' that were from 'mezcal head' were mostly shortened (bogus). so i've listened to it a bunch of times and it reignited my swervedriver obsession that had lain dormant for a while. i started scavenging for b-sides once again. i bought another one of those out of print singles after i found a gold-mine of them through some mp3 blog that then went dead all of a sudden (as in yesterday). there are nearly 40 b-sides and i've listened to the 25-30 that i have and even their b-sides are fucking amazing. i've located the other two singles that i don't have of theirs.
tonight we are playing a show. i'm hoping it'll be brilliant as always. there were a few shaky moments during our last electric show, so i'm hoping that tonight we'll really be awesome. we only have 30 minutes, but we managed to practise a 5-song set in about 30 minutes last night. with our new setup it's much easier to be set up much faster- it usually only takes us about 10-15 minutes to set up and we can be off the stage in about 10. it'd be nice if that meant that we could play longer at the places we play at, but i'm sure that won't be the case tonight. we're playing with cains and abels, which will be really nice because they just expanded to a four piece (with cello- very nice) and seemed to have just written a bunch of new awesome songs. i was going to probably go this show anyway, so it's kind of cool that we get to play it as well. i'm going to try and get a show at empty bottle or schuba's for june or possibly august, but other than that i'm anticipating that the rest of the summer will be pretty quiet for us.
i have faith that the tour will come together as so far i've gotten a positive response from the office of doctor glorious (an awesome sounding house in seattle that does shows) basically telling me that they'll give us a show whenever we want one and then i emailed jim who does the 'what's this called?' radio show on kpsu and he gave us the go-ahead to play live on his show, so now all we really have to do is get a portland show set up somewhere else (i've emailed metal but haven't heard anything from them), a show in the bay area, and a show in l.a. and that'll do it. very nice. as it is now we will rent a car, drive to seattle, play and then drive to portland that night so that we're there for three full days before we drive down to seadrift for my dad's birthday celebration, play a show (or two hopefully), and then down to l.a. for a show and then drive back to chicago for the next few days. this will get us home in time for my bloody valentine and nick cave (who just added a second night that we're going to go to as well). it's going to be a busy summer for going to awesome shows- warlocks and nina nastasia/jim white are playing back to back in june, shit even swervedriver are playing, my dad's buying us tickets to see feist at ravinia in july- which'll be pretty sweet. yes, that's right- i like feist.
in july we discussed going down to kansas city to play a show and trying to do a daytrotter session on the way back. haw haw haw. it's an idea. hopefully it works out. hopefully the record will come out in late june and we'll do an instore at permanent if that's the case. after the september tour i still want to do a show where we have live strings and play the new songs. that would take some doing, but at least we finally met a band that we'd like to do the show with and it would probably work. i haven't heard from chris yet, which is kind of a shame- i was really hoping he'd record with us again as i really liked the way he played. i'd like him to do some live stuff with us as well at some point. soon the ep with be done hopefully- got another track finished last week- well, it just needs some strings and then it'll be done.
so far things are going okay as far as the allergies type thing is going on- my eyes did almost swell up the last few nights and are itchy as all hell, but i seem to have a few moments of respite.
oh yeah, and i'm going to be 29 this weekend. yipes.
my project tomorrow is to get going again on the 'angels floating on the head of a pin' video- which is supposed to be animated. i did a few tests for it a few weeks ago and then ended up figuring out how to fix it which would require rescanning of all of the images. what's more i need some leaves for a part of it and the leaves have just arrived so now i can get down to business- it's going to be pretty sweet though. hopefully it'll work out. i need to finish drawing all of the drawings and then it'll be all ready.

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