Wednesday, March 25, 2015

diary 3.18.15- i always think about you

Diary 3.18.15- i always think about you by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

all vinyl rips. this one gets a little dark at the end- it was constructed bearing in mind the fact that some people might want to get off of the ride before the end (although i think you are rewarded immensely for listening to the whole thing).

song- artist- album

1. come on let's go- broadcast- 'haha sound'
2. seventh moon- the black ryder- 'the door behind the door'
3. mr noah- panda bear- 'mr. noah' EP
4. superball- helium- 'the dirt of luck'
5. the alter- wye oak- 'civilian'
6. savage victory- thee oh sees- 'drop'
7. lullaby- black rebel motorcycle club- 'specter at the feast'
8. ice- moon duo- 'shadow of the sun'
9. fall- sway- 'the millia pink and green'
10. around- whirr- 'around'
11. harsh realm- widowspeak- 'harsh realm' 7"
12. bad magic- weyes blood- 'the innocents'
13. kirsten supine- swans- 'to be kind'
14. children of a lesser god- tropic of cancer- 'restless idylls'

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