Monday, February 23, 2015

diary 2.20.15- it gathers heat without you

Diary 2.20.15- it gathers heat without you by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. two small deaths- wye oak- 'civilian'
2. ahhhh- the stargazer lilies- digital single
3. passage- lightfoils- 'hierarchy'
4. drip with honey- thelightshines- 'before the sandman sung'
5. in a different place- ride- 'nowhere'
6. from the flagstones- cocteau twins- 'sunburst and snowblind'
7. cosmic vibrations- foxygen- '...and star power'
8. in here the world begins- broadcast- 'mother is the milkyway'
9. lonely wanderer- panda bear- '...meets the grim reaper'
10. son- warpaint- s/t
11. the swamps- widowspeak- 'the swamps' ep
12. 200 more miles- cowboy junkies- 'the trinity session'
13. caught beneath your heel- mojave 3- 'out of tune'
14. around my smile- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'bavarian fruit bread'
15. blue skied an' clear- slowdive- 'pygmalion'
16. silver soul- beach house- 'soirée de poche'
17. she is the daylight- flying saucer attack- 'further'

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