Saturday, June 29, 2013

diary 6.26.13- ambient summer

Diary 6.26.13- ambient summer by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

Getting this one in just under the wire. This diary playlist has taken on three different lives so far. This particular version was put together in an almost free-association stream of consciousness way. I've been listening to a lot of gloomy and introspective folk and ambient music lately, so that's where I'm at sadly. If you want to hear the fun garagey version of one of my diary playlists I suggest 'summer of hate' from june of 2011. Anyway, here's my ambient summer mix.

song- artist- album

1. i believe in you- talk talk- 'spirit of eden'
2. have you seen- sharon van etten- 'because i was in love'
3. there is a balm in gilead- thee oh sees- 'there is a balm in gilead' flexi
4. hearts mend- saltland- 'i thought it was us but it was all of us'
5. decapitation blues (redux)- boduf songs- boduf songs/jessica bailiff split 7"
6. goodnight- jessica bailiff- 'at the down-turned jagged edge of the sky'
7. dreams- jessica pratt- 'jp'
8. jacquard causeway- boards of canada- 'tomorrow's harvest'
9. river of pain- primal scream- 'more light'
10. the seer returns- swans- 'the seer'
11. fragile- the fauns- 'fragile' 12"
12. ex mass- implodes- 'recurring dream'
13. the man who died in his boat- grouper- 'the man who died in his boat'
14. relative hysteria- mogwai- 'les revenants' soundtrack

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