Monday, May 20, 2013

diary 5.17.13- why don't you lose yourself

Diary 5.17.13- why don't you lose yourself by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

birthday diary playlist. all vinyl rips. finally, a good birthday to remember- the past few have all been a bit rough.

song- artist- album

1. it is not meant to be- tame impala- 'innerspeaker'
2. i was there- the war on drugs- 'slave ambient'
3. make them dinner at our shoes- white fence- 'cyclops reap'
4. isolation- the warlocks- 'red camera' 7"
5. 23- blonde redhead- '23'
6. so blue- low- 'the invisible way'
7. a night like this- the cure- 'show'
8. turmoil- lucrecia dalt- 'commotus'
9. ants- the mallard- 'yes on blood'
10. humans be swayed- thee oh sees- 'moon sick' EP
11. only tomorrow- my bloody valentine- 'm b v'
12. elimination blues- primal scream- 'more light'
13. a man called sun- the verve- s/t EP
14. a wake for the minotaur- shearwater with sharon van etten- 'stop dragging my heart around' 7"
15. gust- georgiana starlington- 'paper moon'
16. lose yourself- black rebel motorcycle club- 'specter at the feast'
17. what we talk about- hookworms- 'pearl mystic'

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