Sunday, December 2, 2012

new tracks

1. 'deprivation'

This song was written and recorded very quickly- possibly a week each. I was finally able to get Stefanie into the studio to record her own parts. The idea here was to go the other way from where I've been going lately, which is to write songs with one to three chords max, and have as many chords as I could think of to fit. It worked out pretty well, I have to say. The layers underneath were supposed to be similar to the loops that I used to make, but this time they were done live and sub-mixed. There's also a return to a lot of backwards recording which I used to do a ton of. I'm very happy with how this turned out and should be a great song to play live (whenever we get another show).

2. 'glimpse of heaven'

This was also written and recorded very quickly. I did this by myself and it only took two days. I had a lot of trouble writing this considering it's only two chords, but once the ball got rolling it all came together very quickly. The vocals have a ton of effects on them, as does pretty much everything else, which I hadn't done in a long time. I mainly wanted to see if I could pull something that was driving and dynamic rhythmically that didn't have drums. It's supposed to combine 'Recurring'-era Spacemen 3 with Tame Impala (who I'm listening to constantly right now).

Not sure what will become of these tracks, honestly. I think 'deprivation' will probably end up on 'lost forever' since it's kind of an expanded version of 'daisychain' and 'glimpse of heaven' might end up on 'chinese blue.'

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