Thursday, December 6, 2012

diary 12.6.12- my heart waits in winter now

winter/holiday themed mix. the middle part is sort of random, i suppose, but the songs seemed wintery-sounding enough to fit in with the rest of it.

song- artist- album

1. sunday morning- kelley stoltz- 'the velvet underground & nico' by castle face and friends
2. winter now- broadcast- 'haha sound'
3. the blizzard- camera obscura- 'the blizzard' 7"
4. the blizzard of 1996- the walkmen- 'black & white'/'everyone who pretended to like me is gone'
5. blue christmas- elvis presley- '...sings christmas songs'
6. santa claus- the sonics- 'here are...'
7. long way around the sea- low- 'christmas'
8. at the chime of a city clock- nick drake- 'bryter layter'
9. snow days- real estate- 's/t'
10. long slow dance- the fresh & onlys- 'long slow dance'
11. without you- bare mutants- 'without you' 7"
12. no friend of mine- bleached- 'no friend of mine' 7"
13. killing time- veronica falls- 'my heart beats' 7"
14. trees and flowers- dum dum girls- 'end of daze'
15. no exits- tamaryn- 'tender new signs'
16. into night- vestals- 'forever falling toward the sky'
17. snow andes crash- melody's echo chamber- 's/t'
18. baby it's cold outside- sharon van etten & rufus wainwright- 'holidays rule!'
19. another day- this mortal coil- 'it'll end in tears'
20. silent night- spiritualized- 2009 barbican recording

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