Monday, August 20, 2012

diary 8.8.12- 'before i went under'

song- artist- album

1. forget the song- beachwood sparks- 'the tarnished gold'
2. chelsea girl- ride- 's/t' ep
3. do you want to give $$?- sic alps- 'napa asylum'
4. do you know ida know- white fence- 'family perfume vol. 1'
5. # '75- the heads- 'everybody knows we got nowhere'
6. all the hurry and wait- darker my love- '2'
7. open (fix mix)- the cure- 'high' 12"
8. shadow- wild nothing- 'shadow' 7"
9. the hours- beach house- 'bloom'
10. i bought my eyes- ty segall- 'slaughterhouse'
11. i'm slowly turning into you- the white stripes- 'under great white northern lights'
12. one neck- holly golightly- 'truly she is none other'
13. of ripples- vestals- 'forever falling toward the sun'
14. never let me go- florence and the machine- 'ceremonials'
15. down in the valley- solomon burke- 'definitive soul collection'
16. let me ride- the staple singers- 'the best of the veejay years'
17. true love will find you in the end- spiritualized- 'sweet heart sweet light'
18. violently shaking- soft speaker- 'a violent parade'

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