Thursday, August 2, 2012

and still more tracks...

I found myself with a nearly finished new shalloboi record in the can last week. It was quite an unexpected surprise. I hope to get it released quickly and plan to edit the tracks down so that it will fit on a single LP- hopefully sometime next year inbetween releasing 'field of flowers' 7"es (which are being mastered as we speak finally).

This song is a result of listening to 'Valtari' too much. It features the use of bowed guitar, which used to be a shalloboi hallmark. It was written as a 7" companion for 'mae' (which can be found in a previous entry and on the shalloboi soundcloud page.

'lost forever'-
After 'ema' and 'mae' I felt pulled back in the old-style shalloboi direction. Tons of reverb, more bowed guitar, looped percussion. On the chorus Stefanie is singing in German. Good luck figuring out any of the words. This track will be the second-to-last track.

Inspired by the amazing Panda Bear track 'Scheherezade' off of 'Tom Boy.' Another idea I had a while ago in the form of another song. Looped voices and bowed guitar drones. The ending melodic guitar line at the end will probably be cut from this in order to get it to fit and I'm going to do a few more mixes to try and get different vocal sounds. This will be what I like to call the 'come down' track- sort of a quiet, short song after the big, overwhelming finale. Fun to do every once in a while.

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