Sunday, September 11, 2011

final shalloboi strings show

1. forever drowning
2. i am
3. you can choke on your own breath
4. falling stars
5. paper doves
6. to the sky
7. stars are washing over you
8. ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
9. knife
10. field of flowers
11. song to the stars intro
12. song to the stars

download the whole thing here
stream and download here

alright, here is a post with the recording of the final shalloboi strings show. i've listened to this a few times checking the quality and after listening to it today i'm very happy with how it turned out considering the time crunch and the lack of much preparation. i do wish that the vocals sounded better, but i'm also not surprised at what they sound like here- we were singing through a guitar amp. i wish the strings were a bit louder, but in a way i'm kind of glad that the vocals are front and center for once- i don't think that's a mixing choice i've ever made in the history of the band and it fills me with delight how well these songs hold up in an acoustic and restrained electric setting with the vocals front and center. everyone did also play very well.
rambling entry on the post-ceding passive aggressive fall-out with one member to follow. there will probably be gory details to enjoy depending on my mood at that time.

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