Monday, September 12, 2011

diary 8.12.11- august in my mind

true, it is no longer august (even in my mind... sorry...), but i forgot to post my diary playlist for the month. since there won't be another one until october at least (i occasionally need a break even from my most narcissistic habits) and because i finally got around to ripping the audio from the kurt vile performance at pitchfork for the final track, i figured i might as well post it here. this is the best one in a pretty long time. also very fitting for the upheaval that was the month of august. the last push of summer is always the toughest. it's a good thing i didn't make this after enduring the misery of the chicago air and water show or else it would be a really tough one to listen to. embedded link to the mix on mixcloud to follow soon after.

song- artist- album
1. august in my mind- the fresh & onlys- 'august in my mind'
2. hail to the clear figurines- the asteroid #4- 'hail to the clear figurines'
3. pool swimmers- real estate- s/t
4. caught in one- dum dum girls- 'only in dreams'
5. just once- bardo pond- s/t
6. what you need (the porch boogie thing)- thee oh sees- 'castle group flex'
7. fame- ty segall- 'castle group flex'
8. do it all over again- spiritualized- 'let it come down'
9. alright- koolaid electric company- 'random noises and organised sounds'
10. who do i think i am- woods- 'sun and shade'
11. on the beach- neil young- 'on the beach'
12. childhood- beach house- s/t
13. i'm a fool to care- les paul & mary ford- 'i'm a fool to care' 7"
14. the 2 of us- suede- 'dog man star'
15. helicopter intro- deerhunter- pitchfork 2011 stream rip
16. helicopter- deerhunter- pitchfork 2011 stream rip
17. in my time- kurt vile- pitchfork 2011 stream rip

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