Wednesday, July 13, 2011


haven't really talked about this here as i haven't been able to do so without the entry devolving into a name-listing and furious rant. a few facts- i was coerced into signing something while groggy, disoriented, confused, upset and on the implied threat i wouldn't receive my desperately needed paycheck if i didn't which was full of fabricated information. amongst the inaccuracies- my firing date may 12, 2011- the day before a wedding i was present at in kansas city. nothing like being fired right when you return from being out of town- it's a good thing we couldn't discuss this whole thing like adults, but that's just not the kind of business my former boss wants to run.
a few nights ago i had an intense dream in which i was wandering the streets in a vaguely suburban-looking location that i wasn't familiar with at all and walked into a house that i had the key to. the person who it belonged to appeared later on and was a regular from my tenure at 'bongs and boners' as i suppose i'll call it now. she was unalarmed by my entry into her house and greeted me warmly and we relaxed on the floor. my former boss appeared, at which point i towered over him ranting and raving and yelling at him about all the ways he'd screwed me over and what a raging, unapologetic dick he was at which point tears began streaming from his eyes. i stopped and said, 'really?! YOU'RE fucking crying right now! let's review- you fired me, completely screwed me over and now YOU'RE crying?!' to which he sniffled, 'yes.' i left in a huff, my anger subsided and promptly woke up.
another fact- stefanie texted my former boss telling him to go fuck himself to which he replied about how 'gracious' everyone had been to me through this whole ordeal. something that should be said- there is nothing gracious about a forced resignation followed by a fabricated, pre-orchestrated, cowardly firing based entirely on outright lies. stefanie just replied, 'whatever you need to tell yourself to get to sleep at night. you fucked tyler over. you fucked me over. if you see one of us walking toward you on the street you'd better turn around and walk the other way.'
another fact- fired on the day before my 32nd birthday. went straight downtown to apply at my current place of work (which i was planning to do once i got back into town anyway). got the job two days later. could've given my two-weeks, not missed a beat monetarily and could've left the place on good terms. also, would've been able to forgive my former boss for all of the childish, disgusting and demeaning things he said to me about my wife on a regular basis and would've been able to see him socially (since we run in the same social circle, this has a fairly good likelihood of occurring now complete with palpable awkwardness for all onlookers and associated parties). also wouldn't have committed these things to print and probably wouldn't have written about the place ever again. i hope these people consider this a victory. personally i'm not entirely sure what they win from this type of behavior apart from a growing list of enemies (i'm not the only one who's been forced out/screwed over in a similar fashion). just a final note- the coffee/coffeeshop world in chicago is a small one, folks and people in this world know what it is you're doing and it doesn't reflect very positively on you. the only people you're screwing are yourselves.

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ha...actually, I think I strongly recommended he RUN.