Wednesday, July 13, 2011

diary 7.7.11- winter dreaming...

yes, it's true- summer is upon me. my coping mechanisms include beer and dreaming of the bliss i feel during the dead of the wintertime. this can include the vain attempts to evoke these feelings by listening to music that i favor during the cold months- nick drake is the oldest signpost present here. 'five leaves left' transports me back to winter 1998 in my crappy one-bedroom apartment in kansas city, ks- my fridge didn't work, was replaced by one that didn't fit in the slot in the kitchen, so sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, complete with massive dent in the front and my kitchen sink didn't drain properly for almost the entire term of my lease only to be fixed early one morning when i was ditching french class by a toothless repair man named tommy who told me 'never put anything in a commode that doesn't belong in a commode!' it was a lovely place. an apt sequel to 'summer of hate.' it's been a rough couple of months to say the least...

song- artist- album

1. introducing the band- suede- 'dog man star'
2. overdriver- astrobrite- 'crush'
3. secret walls- fresh & onlys- 'secret walls'
4. july- low- 'live at eindhoven'
5. suburban dogs- real estate- 's/t'
6. in silver rain with a paper key- thurston moore- 'demolished thoughts'
7. round the bend- beck- 'sea change'
8. river man- nick drake- 'five leaves left'
9. clouds over earthquake- wooden shjips- 'vol. 1'
10. over the mountain- koolaid electric company- 'random noises and organised sounds'
11. war- asteroid #4- 'these flowers of ours'
12. million years- the warlocks- unreleased 2011
13. sunrise drift- clear horizon- 's/t'
14. sway- spiritualized- 'lazer guided melodies'
15. lissie's heart murmur- warpaint- 'the fool'

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