Thursday, January 20, 2011

'where are you going, can i come with you?'

i'm in a pretty good mood today so i figured it might be a good time to write an entry, which i haven't done in quite a while it looks like. i'm sure my faithful readers and just dying for another nugget (hardeehar). we had a really great recording session last night and finished a few 'chinese blue' tracks (or at least i think we did) which will probably not see the light of day for about three more years. that's okay- we have a lot to do between now and then. i need stefanie to do some vocals on two of them and then they're finished.
other than that things have been going fairly well- it looks like i'm going to go buy godspeed tickets tomorrow (at last). it'll be nice to see them play again- it only took 11 years, but i suppose that it'll be worth waiting for. i'm not so into the whole nostalgia trip, but godspeed just kind of sputtered out and ended up neglected by the band members' many side-projects. they win a my bloody valentine-style free pass. when i saw them in london it was one of the best shows i've ever been to. it looks like february is a very solitary show-going month for me- i'm going to see disappears at the empty bottle and wild nothing at lincoln hall by myself (stefanie doesn't want to go out on friday nights any more). i don't enjoy going out on friday nights myself so much anymore since i have to be at work so much earlier, but i am willing to brave the sleep deprivation for disappears and right now i'm completely obsessed with wild nothing.
wild nothing (who i'm listening to right this instant) have brought an interesting issue for me to the fore- the fact that the young hipster kids enjoy 80s fashion and such so much. just to show my bitter jaded agedness i'm going to bitch about this fact just like older people bitched about kids in the 90s wearing 70s clothes. nothing is funnier to me than seeing 80s fashion return- i've actually been the grumpy older guy bitching about how 'this stuff isn't cool- i had to wear jams and hypercolor to school as a kid- it's not fucking cool!' despite their 80s obsession and the fact that they are extremely jangly i love wild nothing and not in some kind of nostalgic kind of way- the songs are really beautiful and i like the way that they take elements of the smiths, the cure, a little bit of dreampop/mbv-ism and blend it into these nice, compact, catchy and beautiful songs. 'o, lilac' is not the kind of song i normally like. so weird. it even inspired me to write a song that i would describe as jangly- i guess that hell's freezing over. i suppose it was only a matter of time once i'd started playing my 12-string guitar (which i love to death now, btw). also i'm talking about all of this 80s nostalgia stuff while i'm sitting at the wormhole- which is a dumping ground for pretty much every movie poster, stuffed animal, action figure and what-have-you that i remember from when i was a kid. i really love the way they do it here though- it's so comforting and familiar to me that it creates a feeling that i could only describe as 'womb-like.' i'm sitting next to a giant big-screen tv that has a nintendo hooked up to it. there's an 'uncle buck' and 'karate kid' poster right next to me.
i'm going to go record shopping after i'm done here. i've got a plan to start getting my debt back in order this year- i think i'm ready to give the balance transfer a spin. it's about fucking time.

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