Wednesday, December 15, 2010

diary 12.15.10- 'tis the season

song- artist- album

1. christmas song- mogwai- ep+2
2. birthday- the jesus and mary chain- munki
3. last caress- dum dum girls- bhang bhang i'm a burnout 7"
4. inside looking out- the animals- inside looking out 7"
5. snowstorm- galaxie 500- on fire
6. grains of sand- opal- early recordings
7. how to bring a blush to the snow- cocteau twins- victorialand
8. basement scene- deerhunter- halcyon digest
9. ca a rate- fran├žoise hardy- the yeh-yeh girl from paris
10. i love you- a band of bees- free the bees
11. blue christmas- low- christmas
12. winter- moon duo- silver bells 7"
13. o, tannenbaum- wooden shjips- o, tannenbaum 12"
14. christmas song- medicine- shot forth self living
15. julie don't go down- cheval sombre- cheval sombre
16. i do not care for the winter sun- beach house- i do not care for the winter sun
17. no provenance- joanna newsom- have one on me

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