Thursday, June 3, 2010


i'm not sure where i am with my stuff right now. i think i've lost all perspective. i go from loving to hating stuff that i've been/am working on etc. just finished a few tracks for the 7" series. i just wrote a new song called 'breathe' that i just got the idea to turn into a two-part song for the final 7" because the first part is short enough to fit on a 7". wrote out some tabs last night for the 2nd part as well. it'd be something that we could spread out and extend whenever we played it live and end with. sort of a one-chord droney melodic song that i've been trying to write for years. i guess it'd be along the lines of 'petals in a rainstorm' but faster and more driving.
not much else to report besides that- i'm going to kansas city in two weeks for mike's wedding. i'm very excited to be getting out of town and away from all of my crap for a little while. so excited for that... haven't been out of town since christmas and i've been dying to get out of town since at least march. the repetitiveness of my life is starting to really get to me. weeks go by without my hardly noticing at all. a lot of this has to do with my job- which is getting steadily more annoying. i'm just beyond burned out. i'm hoping being away for five days will help this. i don't normally stay put for this long and i think that might be a lot of the problem.
the brian jonestown massacre played at the metro on sunday night. it was really great (as usual) but the experience we had at the metro was enough to turn me off of the concept of ever going to another show there. the staff there are just becoming increasingly arrogant, rude and jerky. i'd say this is a trend that started about two years ago- first noticed this when we went to see spiritualized there. also noticed that the sound has started to suck- during the first part of the set the sound was so loud and muddy you could barely recognize a melody. total bullshit. it seemed to get better as the night went on, but the sound was almost as bad as it was at the black lips show (which was the worst-sounding show i've probably ever been to). to add to that there was a problem with kylie and brandon's tickets (which were bought from the metro's storefront box office with cash by myself back in january). apparently their tickets had already been scanned in and the door guy refused to let them in. kind of ridiculous. how could this have been possible? when i went down to talk this out with the staff (since our tickets had been bought at the same time and we had no problems getting in) they couldn't've been bigger jerks. one woman accused me of giving the tickets to someone else, they got in with them, i took them back and then somehow went outside to give the tickets to kylie and brandon, even though they have a very strict policy forbidding one to walk out the doors and then come back in later. kylie just said, 'no, these tickets have been sitting in my pocketbook since january.' fun stuff. one of the guys from the opening band, elephant stone, even tried to get us in since he hadn't used his guest list spots, but the door guy wouldn't allow that either. power tripping. i guess they don't even care about the bands there either (at least not the opening bands). finally stefanie came down and knocked that fucking front door guy down a few pegs (she's a master at doing this with people that deserve it). she wasn't rude to him at all- she just laid out the facts very forcefully (i think she said something along the lines of, 'the bottom line here is that you're not letting these two people into a show that they paid to get into and that's completely ridiculous.') it was kind of fun to watch him squirm. it worked too- he finally let them in after this 20 minute long ordeal. we probably should've had her come down to begin with.
the music was fantastic, of course. we got in just in time and watched from the balcony- hardly anyone was up there. i have no idea if the show was sold out, but i wish that i'd known of this miracle before as i'm a bit too old to milling about amongst the crowd. i don't know why this is- a long-term buildup of annoyance with the ways that people act at crowded shows like that. i'm a fan of personal space at those things- it gets difficult to enjoy a show when people are always pushing in front of you to get back to the bar to get another drink. at the last bjm show there was a guy who pushed past me at least five time to get another drink. at the fifth time he looked me right in the eye and i shot him my death glare (i have a really good one). i almost told him, 'the next time you try to push through here i'm punching you in the face.' i often wonder what it's like to be capable of not giving a shit about anyone else to that extent- it's quite a bit of effort to push through a gigantic crowd of people who are already cramped in so tight just to get yourself a beer at a show. i can see doing it once, maybe twice, third- you're pushing it, four- seriously? but five is just a giant middle finger to everyone in the place.
i would take to a vip box very easily at this point in my life. it's a shame i don't have the means. it's not because i think i'm better than anyone else- i just get sick of dealing with inconsiderate jerks at these things because i've been to so many shows at this point that it's just too much. i didn't have many problems at shows in london like this- usually it was just people talking.
also i didn't bother to try and record the show. it's probably better since it sounded so crappy in there.
ah, shows. i feel like i need to get more shalloboi shows booked. i felt like those last two falling into my lap were sort of a way of getting thrown a bone and i should get off of my whiny baby horse and try to figure something out. the band's gelling quite nicely and we sound quite good live. it would be a shame to let us languish. transportation isn't such a problem any more, either.
i'm obsessed with the new beach house record as well. i've listened to it about three times a day since i got it. 'real love' is my favourite song on it. beautiful record- probably going in the top of my little top five list. i'm pretty sure it was released in march. is that correct? i should go ahead and get their other stuff too since anthony used to play it at work a lot. the new oh sees album is also quite excellent. fantastic stuff.

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