Thursday, May 27, 2010

zen-like period

i'm having a weirdly calm period. i don't understand it. i've noticed when i get angry i get over it very quickly. i'm not going to question it, i'm just going to enjoy it. my theory will naturally be that whatever it is i'm doing to cope with my situation is working and i should keep doing it. i am holding the 'care less' campaign responsible for this unexpected and sudden shift. it must be working.
i got my food handlers' certificate yesterday too, so we shall see about this 'raise' happening. i'm a tad skeptical that anyone's going to be organized enough to actually have it added unless i pester and needle. or just get another job. they didn't pay for our time while we were actually in the class. pretty much everyone else in the class WAS being paid for being there and they used to pay people for their time while they were in the class. i'm just a touch put off now, as if i weren't already. the irony being that i felt a certain obligation to stick around once the class had been paid for. it's getting to the point that i'm thinking the owner did it so that i'd be able to get a new and better job.
right now i'm listening to the live version of 'disintegration' that's up on the 'disintegration' microsite- it's all of the tracks from the album played live in dallas on the prayer tour. pretty cool that they played the whole thing in one night and even cooler that they recorded it so nicely and coolest of all that it never leaked until just now. i was actually hoping that the entire show would be posted as the only good sounding prayer tour boot i have is that 'parched corn' one from mountain view, california. i guess that the fourth night at wembley is a good one as well- it's a little long, even for me (three hours and forty-five minutes).
i entered some kind of ridiculous trivia contest to win a cd copy of the reissue. this has put my wormy little plan on hold, unfortunately as if i hadn't done that i could buy a digital copy of the reissue now and then the vinyl when it comes out rather than both at once- about a $45 blow to my pocket book. initially i was going to balk at the vinyl as i already have a copy of the original vinyl version- the original version, for some ridiculous reason, is missing two songs ('last dance' and 'homesick') because they were included on the cassette and cd versions of the album as bonus tracks in the hopes of killing the vinyl market in favor of cds. it's also sixty minutes crammed onto a single lp, so it's a bit quiet and light on bass. if you turn it up it sounds nice. plus, if the reissue vinyl sounds bad at least i still have the original and can make a vinyl rip with all of the songs. if you can't tell by the amount of time i've spent talking about this i'm on pins and needles waiting for this to finally come out. it's been delayed three times now- it was supposed to come out in april and then the 25th (which is why it's out digitally right now) and now it's set to come out on june 8th. i'm probably most excited about the expanded version of 'entreat' which now is a live version of the entire album- including 'plainsong,' 'lovesong,' 'lullaby' and 'the same deep water as you.' without those tracks it always seemed a bit lacking, despite the high quality of the recordings and performances. the 'prayers for rain' version that's on there is pretty special. i did discover that robert smith's 6-string bass part was redone later. fie, for shame!
other than that i don't have much planned for today. from here (here being new wave coffee) i'm going to go to work to pick up my paycheck and then ride my bike home.
i was thinking of working on a new song that i wrote in anticipation of an upcoming strings recording session. the song has no string arrangement at the moment. i just need to get stuck somewhere and be bored for more than an hour.

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