Thursday, February 19, 2009

you folks are getting off light today

i've spent most of my time here at the coffee shop updating my facebook stuff. i am so ashamed that i have finally broken down and gotten one of those set up. it's very embarrassing and so not my style. more than one person has declared that they are surprised that i am on it. right now i'm listening to the sonic boom 'angel' 12" that i got in the mail as well. i have bought heaps of new vinyl- grizzly bear- 'yellow house,' the aforementioned sonic boom 12", neko case- 'blacklisted,' crystal stilts self-titled 12", eleni mandell- 'miracle of five,' the gris-gris- 'live at the creamery.' i've finished ripping audio from all of the remaining cdrs that kind of fell by the wayside- i had a backup of about 10 albums burned to cd that i had to load into audacity to edit and then convert to mp3 to put on my ipod and i finally finished the backlog so i'm free to start back on the great, ongoing conversion. i'm not sure what the count is- there are 35 records in the bottom section of the record shelf. i think they've been sitting there for quite a while. i go through the stacks all the time and find more stuff i'd like to convert as well. then there's always a big pile right next to the turntable that usually constitutes a selection of stuff i like to listen to while i'm at home and new records that i am going to convert. with all of the new vinyl from christmas at least 20+ have been added to the mix. kind of a shame because i'd whittled the list down from 70 or so by sometime last year and had a good run of keeping on top of burning the audio from new lps right when i got them. so all told i have a ton of converting to do. it's really kind of a thing. i guess i'll get to all of that stuff sometime. there is, however, a growing list of albums i'd like to redo as well because they have too many problems. i know that while i was working at chase i did a good job of getting all of the rolling stones stuff fixed that needed to be fixed. i just found a siouxsie and the banshees album that needs to be fixed as well and if i remember correctly at least one of the dinosaur jr. lps needs to be fixed entirely. argh.
i have almost filled my ipod up with crap as well. i am beginning to think i should take some of the videos off because i really don't watch them- with a few exceptions. i finally watched the whole spiritualized 2004 glastonbury video, which i will definitely be keeping because it's fantastic. i have a 98 glastonbury video of theirs as well, but that one might get the axe because i have a soundboard recording of that show that i like better than the video actually.
i just got a call from my violist that he isn't going to be able to make it to the recording session i've got scheduled for tonight- it seemed like he wanted to reschedule for saturday, so hopefully that will work out. it's a bit of a shame because i was really looking forward to getting him and katelyn together in the interest of saving time and because i thought that they might enjoy it, but he's sick right now (like everyone seems to be right about now- i even felt like i might be getting sick when i woke up this morning). it'll be okay- i can get some stuff done with katelyn i think. i've got four songs written out- that should be plenty to keep us busy.
other than that i have nothing really going on. last week wasn't bad- just very sleep deprived. a lot of fun stuff going on in the next few weeks. next thursday i'm going to go do a focus group thing in the afternoon- pretty excited about it. i hope that i can get a few more of these going so that i can save up some money for the impending release. i still haven't bought the piece for the tape machine that i need. next weeks tips should be for that (i hope anyway). i also need to buy eleni mandell tickets. i'm planning on starting to save money again in march and then sell some pedals that i don't use anymore in order to raise the money for mastering. i'm really hoping everything's okay with the tape machine. fingers crossed. only time will tell. from what i understand about these reel-to-reel tape machines is that you can't just buy a used one and expect to plug it in and be able to use it straight away unless you payed some fairly serious money for it (in which case you've bought it from someone who has spent time restoring it and calibrating it and whatnot). since i bought it for $162 from a pawn shop i'm not quite holding out a lot of hope in that department.
i'm making some lists right now for the 'all hope is blind' album. we are further along than i had initially thought. in fact we are a generous amount further along than i had thought. things are going a bit faster than i had expected. it's possible that we might be able to get this one done fairly quickly although i guess that the first track was started way back in november of 2006 or so (that would be '4am train'). then there was 'down to the willows' pretty much a night or two after i had bought my fender twin reverb- wayyyy back in january of 2007. i've started (belatedly) to attempt to keep track of the recording a bit better this time out. good luck with that... a pile of stuff for stefanie to do just piled up as well and i didn't realise it but we could start recording some of the tracks that i wanted to do live- stefanie's been using the brushes a lot and i don't need any new mics to record those because i can get the sound i'm after with what we have. i wish we could just record all of the drum parts with brushes, but that might be a bit transparent.
the connection is getting a bit sketchy and i'm a bit sick of being here, so i should probably get moving at some point soon. i definitely don't want to lose this gem of an entry...

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