Friday, February 20, 2009

heavy deavy

i have a musical crush on grizzly bear. i am a bit bummed that i didn't hear 'yellow house' until now. something that fantastic was out for two years before i came across it- fie for shame! i actually feel like grizzly bear are what i feel like animal collective should sound like given all of the fawning- and grizzly bear are probably more deserving of hype on that level. supposedly they are working on a new record right now that should hopefully come out soon. i haven't even done an internet search, so far. this should probably be rectified. and soon.
the recording session yesterday turned out really well (not really surprisingly). katelyn made it, but chris was sick so we had to reschedule with him. i haven't heard back from him yet though. i should probably go ahead and draft someone else in because i think he's a bit busy with his show. i might email him and ask if he would mind. we did about four songs yesterday. the harmonics didn't really work- kind of a bummer. i think that that's something that one gets into further down the line. maybe i should ask drew if he could give it a shot- the song i'm trying to get the harmonics for is called 'pale' and i'm not real sure what's going to happen with it. i'd probably like to put it on the album, but i'm not sure it'll fit- i'm trying to fit more compact songs on the record and 'pale' is pretty long- 7+ minutes i believe. everything else was just dandy and katelyn did everything very quickly- she's fucking awesome.
i also finally heard back from elastic about the possibility of doing the show. they can do either of the dates i asked for (both saturday nights) so now it becomes a question of if billy can make it up here for the show- which i still think is going to be quite the longshot. i'm going to kc from the 2nd through the 4th (i'm getting back to chicago on that sunday the 5th i think) of april for some recording. i'm going for three days this time because last time was kind of a drag only being home for two days that were real rushed. strangely it was a good amount of time, but it was still kind of a drag. going straight from the bus to work was a complete drag. if i take the bus home on saturday night and get in at 6am on sunday morning that's a bit more doable since the schedule won't be pulled so tight (say there's a delay and i don't make it to work for a few hours- that would be really bad on saturday since i'm the one who is responsible for opening the store) and i might actually have time to drop my stuff off at home before going to work. plus there's a little leeway in terms of time. if i get delayed for an hour or two it won't fuck things up. i've only been delayed on the megabus once so far and that was on the trip to kansas city. the driver stopped every hour on the hour it seemed.
so now with the prospect of the show looming it brings up other questions- now at least when i go home if billy can make it up to chicago for the show we can take some time to go through the songs we're going to play so that he's a bit more prepared for the run-through that we'll have to do the night before. i'd also like to do projections. i can't really afford a projector- i could make some projections on imovie between now and then, but i think i might have to try and find someone to do that for us. i think it's also time for stefanie and i to go through a setlist just to see how long it takes to play all of the songs and figure out a decent order and everything. muse muse muse.
today at the coffee shop it appears to be canoodling couples day. seriously.
i think it might be time for me to start googling schools for the september tour. february is almost over after all.

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