Friday, January 2, 2009

parachute me down

killing some time at the coffee shop waiting for some bidding on some tape. finally. i almost bought a microphone last night but a coin toss told me not to. i feel a bit better after my ranting and raving yesterday. i did wake up agitated this morning about some hotbed issue- probably gay marriage. this whole gay marriage ban is the incredibly disheartening flipside of this last incredibly encouraging election year. a warning to make sure not to have too much faith in humanity just yet- there are still plenty of ignorant jerks. my favourite thing about arguments that people use with me against gay marriage that whole 'preserving the sanctity of marriage' thing i am always surprised because i tend to get into discussions with people about who aren't married and who usually have no intention of getting married any time soon. most curious. plus there is the fact that i'm married and i'm all for gays being allowed the right to marry. fuck, just look at that last sentence and tell me how a gay marriage ban is NOT discriminatory. they. aren't. ALLOWED. to. marry.
i tested out the new harmonica mic yesterday- VERY happy with the results. i used it on a new songs that i demoed earmarking it for 'chinese blue' and it's turned out really nicely, but i'm going to give it another shot because it got a nice string arrangement one of those mornings when i had to open at work, so i'm going to give it the stripped-down with strings treatment as well and see which one i like better.
i have no idea what to do with myself today after i leave here. the internet is increasingly becoming less and less of a time-killer. youtube binges kept me up late last night, but even that's starting to dry up. occasionally i get caught in the wormhole, but it is becoming increasingly rare these days. i have been enjoying watching the new dvd sets. the nina nastasia bootleg i downloaded is nice as well click if you please. i haven't had a second to listen to any of the new cds that i got for christmas. i've only now gotten a chance to listen to the new sigur ros. i assume i obviously could've listened to it at some point when i was driving around in my mom's car.
i finally got ahold of the photos from the show at the record bar. they are pretty nice- thanks to grace's husband adam for those. nicely done indeed. the recording needs to go through a few alterations before i can post it but i burned it to cd yesterday. i just need to find something short to finish out the rest of the cd.
i just lost the ebay auction. i lost it to one of those fucking robots- there's someone who always seems to be bidding on any and all recording equipment that's around- i have lost about it's a name like this- x*****0- always just a letter, a bunch of asterisks and a number. there are different ones but i find it very difficult to believe that they are all different people, call me crazy. possibly different people with the same kind of hacked software that they use to outbid people on ebay. kinda sketchy if you ask me- but they didn't so there you go. if it is one person they have incredibly deep pockets. grrrrrr.
oh well. my only hope is that my christmas money holds out until i am able to use it on something recording related whether it is tape or more mics. i'm after two or three more. soooooo close.
my pay schedule is turning back in my favor for some reason- i don't really understand how that's possibly but it's happened. i get paid again on the 9th. woohoo! it's going to be a bit of a weeny paycheck, but that's ok. it's going to be more than half- which i can work with.
so there you have it- i think i'm about out of steam here. might be leaving soon after doing a few more things.

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