Friday, January 23, 2009

o neko, how i suffer for you...

i bought my tickets for neko case today- $84. owie. that's not too terrible as far as ticketmaster charges go- usually they manage to double the price somehow. it's shipping them to you that gets mondo expensive. i opted for the scariest choice- having them mailed via standard mail through the u.s. postal service. it's in the hands of our mailperson now. i shall keep my fingers crossed. our mail hasn't been going too badly lately- we've been getting all of our magazines and bills and less of our junkmail. we don't get many bills really- i think we still get paper bank statements and credit card bills even though we do all of that stuff online now. i really should switch over- just seeing the stuff in the mail gives me the willies. i'm so on top of my finances these days that i'm in the habit of checking things online very frequently.
it's goodbye to tyler's tips for a little while. bjm tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon as well. i think i might risk not buying them right when they go on sale- i should be home by two or so. i could also get stefanie to buy them- just give her my credit card number and my ticketmaster password. the only reason we're buying these two sets of tickets right now is because these are the only shows of all the tons that are coming up that we are quite certain will sell out. i think the next problem is to get ahold of primal scream tickets. it hasn't sold out yet. i'd guess that their level of popularity is about equal to that of spiritualized. i can't remember when we bought our tickets for that but i think we waited a while and paid in cash. i can't remember if it sold out or not either. it was a pretty packed show. kylie is balking at seeing bjm since it's at the metro. the metro's not that bad, really. they do charge $6 for a bud light, but other than that it's not too terrible. the sound is reasonably good.
i haven't done any recording in a really good long time. my well is a bit dried up at the moment. i'm just limited in what i can actually do these days. i'm sure i've already spent a lot of time talking in terms of this, but it's very true at the moment. today is a loafing day. it's official. if you can't tell from this blog loafing is something i take very seriously. seriously enough to write for hours about how i'm loafing.
tomorrow the week begins once again anew. yipee.
here is something new in my life that i think i should appreciate- i have several cheerleaders now. people have been very encouraging about the music-making aspect. it's very nice (and somewhat new). i often debate with them about the prospects for me on the horizon- i usually am the one with the bleaker view. it would probably behoove me to listen to them for a change. i'm so used to just blocking out what everyone says that i'm even cynical of good advice and encouragement. it's difficult to get that kind of a block reversed. it's just not something i'm used to in any capacity, but then when i look back there have always been encouraging people. i just never felt like they were being 100% honest with me. basically i think i'm going to believe that something good is going to come of all of this that i've been doing. the results are getting ridiculously pleasing at the moment. i am very happy with the material on the new ep, i'm still very happy with 'down to sleep.' i'm very impressed by the newer stuff that is starting to take shape finally. i'm happy with the way that my skills in the recording world are coming along. i have problems accepting compliments. it's one of my more infuriating attributes and i think one of the reasons i don't have many friends. i also don't trust most people and just flat-out don't enjoy being real social. the other night when i went over to will's to watch 'metalocalypse' episodes i was ready to go home by about 9:30. most of the time i'd rather just stay at home and hang out with stefanie.
i'm thinking of going to logan square today just to drop off a cd at the whistler. we need to get some shows going. if for no other reason than to get at least a warm-up show for this proposed strings show under our belts. we seem to require the warm-up show before anything really big or important. signing off. stayed tuned for some youtube festival type of thing.

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