Friday, February 15, 2008

elbo room=shit

yup, our show was totally shitty. we played really well for the first two songs and then the third kind of was a hiccup in a lot of ways and the last wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't the best song we'd played all night. the other band was total fucking schlock. pretty-boy frat daddies whose friends all came out and talked very loudly through our entire set. i'd say that they sucked, but it's kind of irrelevant what i think about the type of music they play- it's not really comparable. they probably thought that we sucked. i don't know- it is totally baffling to me to see an onstage sausage fest 'rocking out' like they're playing some huge arena when they're actually in the elbo room playing for twenty of their friends. i guess that that's just another example of why it's not comparable. that's probably exactly what the people that like them admire about them.
i think we need to stick with the house shows and more intimate settings. we really need to not break our 'no bars' rule. the empty bottle doesn't count, though, for obvious reasons. it serves us right for breaking it.
anyway, i have to go to get some groceries.

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