Thursday, December 6, 2007

ok. some perspective.

i lose this all the time.
we need to play a show i think. the problem this last year has mainly been the lack of live show activity. i was talking to stefanie about this the other day- how i wish i could just do recordings and release cds all the time and that that would be enough, but the live stuff is definitely necessary. definitely.
got the podcast sorted for the most part. just have to reserve a car and hopefully becca can play it as well- have to practise with her on saturday. hopefully she can do it (what i mean by this basically is that i hope she has the time and inclination to do it). i think i've found that i'd rather play with someone who is enthusiastic about playing music with me than someone who is fucking brilliant as a player but just not that into it.
i'll try to hold onto this for as long as i can. it might not last the rest of the day, but hopefully it will. i think i'm going to go home today and just work for the rest of the day. people give me a lot of flak for not taking breaks and working on tracks all the time, but read the entry below if you're one of those people. this is what i feel like when i'm not busy working on music stuff. this is why i fill up my vacations to kansas city with recording work and shows.
last night i wanted to try doing some open mic night solo shows just electric. i thought this would be a good way to start playing all of the newer stuff.

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