Friday, September 23, 2016

diary 9.16.16- i keep my visions to myself

song- artist- album

1. anyway that you want me- spiritualized- 'anyway that you want me' 12"
2. cherry chapstick- yo la tengo- '...and then nothing turned itself inside out'
3. hot as day- wye oak- 'civilian'
4. the traveller- beach house- 'thank your lucky stars'
5. you wish you were red- trailer trash tracys- 'ester'
6. under the sun- diiv- 'is the is are'
7. janie in love- marissa nadler- 'strangers'
8. boxing day blues- courtney barnett- 'sometime i sit and think and sometimes i just sit'
9. only you- the warlocks- 'songs from the pale eclipse'
10. adoration- cranes- 'wings of joy'
11. crawl out from the fall out- thee oh sees- 'a weird exits'
12. change your mind- the horrors- 'luminous'
13. dreams- fleetwood mac- 'rumors'
14. sister- angel olsen- 'my woman'
15. the harbinger- julianna barwick- 'nepenthe'

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