Wednesday, July 27, 2016

diary 7.18.16- heart just skipped a beat

song- artist- album

1. open- the cure- 'show'
2. one thing- beach house- 'thank your lucky stars'
3. elevator operator- courtney barnett- 'sometimes i sit and think and sometimes i just sit'
4. you said- the horrors- 'skying'
5. the twilight hour- still corners- 'creatures of an hour'
6. youth- daughter- 'if you leave'
7. tinker tailor soldier sailor rich man poor beggar man thief- radiohead- 'a moon shaped pool'
8. same- julianna barwick- 'will'
9. divers of the dust- marissa nadler- 'strangers'
10. somnambulists- death and vanilla- s/t album
11. nineteen ninety heaven- nothing- 'tired of tomorrow'
12. drive- the stargazer lilies- 'door to the sun'
13. man in a suitcase- thee oh sees- 'live in san francisco'
14. finally, peace- swans- 'the glowing man'
15. youreyesimmaculate- lovesliescrushing- 'bloweyelashwish'

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