Wednesday, October 15, 2014

diary 10.15.14- we're a yard apart

Diary 10.15.14- we're a yard apart by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

very autumnal. also a lot of sad, wistful and dreamy songs- many of them about breakups (for some reason) and several from self-titled albums. not sure what that's about but whatever.

song- artist- album

1. sweetness and light- lush- s/t
2. youth- beach fossils- s/t
3. apple orchard- beach house- s/t
4. the singer- ty segall- 'manipulator'
5. swagger vets and double moon- white fence- 'live in san francisco'
6. lullaby- siouxsie & the banshees- 'downside up'
7. it's alright- spacemen 3- 'taking drugs to make music to take drugs to'
8. teese- warpaint- s/t
9. superstar- nina nastasia- 'run to ruin'
10. medication #4- the gris-gris- 'for the season'
11. i know they say- spectrum- 'highs, lows and heavenly blows'
12. suffering- the war on drugs- 'lost in the dream'
13. starla- smashing pumpkins- 'pisces iscariot'
14. atomos xii- a winged victory for the sullen- 'atomos'
15. la vie en rose- edith piaf- 'the very best of...'

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