Monday, August 25, 2014

diary 8.25.14- it speaks of distance

Diary 8.25.14- it speaks of distance by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

this was supposed to be an end-of-summer themed mix. it turned into this weird, dreamy, atmospheric sad kind of thing- which i guess isn't that surprising, really. all vinyl rips too!

song- artist- album

1. deep blue day- brian eno- 'apollo atmospheres and soundtracks'
2. machine gun- slowdive- 'souvlaki'
3. already there- the verve- 'a storm in heaven'
4. dozen- alison's halo- 'dozen' 7"
5. melanie's melody- the black angels- 'phosgene nightmare'
6. unknown- the brian jonestown massacre- 'revelation'
7. raven on white cadillac- white fence- 'for the recently found innocent'
8. i got nothing- dum dum girls- 'end of daze'
9. sisters- the raveonettes- 'pe'ahi'
10. vital- grouper- 'the man who died in his boat'
11. take good care of it- spiritualized- 'fucked up inside'
12. biggy- warpaint- s/t
13. sad colored tears- the stargazer lilies- 'we are the dreamers'
14. mary is mary- wye oak- 'the knot'
15. awake- black rebel motorcycle club- 'live in london'
16. rollercoaster- spacemen 3- 'live at the new morning'
17. i'm less here- mazzy star- 'i'm less here' 7"

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